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How the House of Douglas collection came into fruition.

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I always wanted to commission my own collection of unique Eagles, Stags Doe’s & Deer as this has been something very close to my heart.


As I have been and still am fascinated in different aspects of these creatures, I have spent many years thinking about how this collection could be put together as I have spent a lot of time in the Highlands of Scotland and the Glens, so I have commissioned these sculptures with a creative team so I could offer something unique to people that also share this fascination.


I have a large clientele across the UK and Europe that are also fascinated in the wildlife of Scotland and would like something unique for their beautiful outdoor spaces, this collection is something that no other company can offer.


I chose the stance for the Eagles, Stags, Doe’s, and Deer myself from what I’ve seen while visiting the Highlands of Scotland and Glens in many different settings. They show these creatures graceful appearance, as this personal touch is something that no one else can offer.


Each bronze sculpture has its own has its own unique edition number.

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